My Top Personal Post Grad Goals

1. Consistency with Blog/Youtube

-Since I no longer have school as an excuse, I can actually commit to regularly posting on both platforms, youtube and my blog.


2. Fitness/Health

– I recently signed up for swimming classes and a gym membership. My goal is to be more physically active and maintain a balanced diet.


3. Learn Photography

– My goal is to challenge myself to capture really nice editorial shots and master the use of IOS, Shutter Speed, and Aperture on my Canon.


4. Read more Books

-I’ve gotten in the habit reading books regularly. I will push myself to read at least book a week.


5. Travel, Travel, Travel

-This speaks for its self. I’m so ready to explore the world and expand my different perspectives.


6. Create a Budget

-Money management is key.


7. Adopt a Morning RitualĀ 



8. Be Open to New Adventures, Meeting New People, & New Opportunities

-The ultimate goal is to Grow out of my comfort zone!!!!

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