Everything Comes Full Circle

I have been really inspired by a recent event. I unexpectedly got the opportunity to meet a very successful and influential woman in business who I have been looking up to for the past two years. This recent event reminded me of the serendipity of life and how things always come full circle. During my sophomore year in college I participated in a mock interview for one of my classes for my major. I remember coming into the interview very confident and prepared, mostly because I was going to be graded on this interview lol but also because I love the excitement that comes with interacting with people working in the corporate world. At the time I knew nothing about what I wanted to do with my career, I just had a very strong desire to succeed. Somehow the interviewer saw a zeal in me and recommended I read the book “Expect to Win” by Carla Harris. He was very adamant about me reading this book, so as soon as the interview was over, I rushed home and ordered the book on amazon. I received the book about a week later and began to read the great words of wisdom about succeeding in the workplace. As a sophomore in college I never expected actually needing this book until a year later, I landed a great opportunity that called for the tips and advice I learned in this book. Its so funny how God was trying to prepare me for something I couldn’t foresee at that moment. Right now we are all experiencing things that are meant to prepare us for our future and sometimes we won’t be able to connect the dots until much later.“The LORD directs the steps of the godly. He delights in every detail of their lives” Psalm 37:23 (NLT). I’ve been encouraged to pay close attention to what God is doing now in my life because every part of it is important. Last week, I was randomly invited to an event to celebrate Black History Month. I didn’t know much about the event since it was so random, I just decided to go because I didn’t have anything planned that Friday. When I got to the event I learned that there was going to be a key note speaker and guess who the speaker was? Carla Harris !!! I was so shocked. Lord knows how bad I’ve always wanted to meet this woman, being that she inspired me with her book my sophomore year. Not only did I get to meet her but got a chance to hear her speak and I was sitting front row. Its so funny how things come full circle when you least expect it.

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